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We are honored to have forged collaborative partnerships with industry leaders.

We’ve been working with Panoptik for a while now and love their work! They’re a great go-to for all our digital and creative needs and no project (big or small) is too difficult for them. They always go above and beyond to ensure we’re happy with the end result. Their team's passion and dedication shine through in every project, making them an invaluable partner for our business.

Lauren D.
JSG Australia

I sincerely appreciate Panoptik's unrivaled customer support and attentiveness to the specific needs of our NGO, especially during the pandemic. Panoptik has far exceeded my expectations in developing our website, e-commerce platform and our online application portal. We highly recommended Panoptik for your technical requirements!

Wilson V.
Philippine Social Science Council
Program Development Head

We worked with Panoptik to develop our online Human Rights Observatory, a database dedicated to all human rights related information in the Philippines. It was a pleasure to work with Panoptik, given the team's professionalism and the highly collaborative nature of our work with them contributed to timely delivery of outputs. They have been our #1 partner for our tech needs.

Corrine E.
Commission on Human Rights
Information Officer

We highly recommend Panoptik. They introduced us to many wonderful staff and helped us make our vision come to life at a very early stage of our company. They are communicative and provide excellent resources for any asset of the company including visual, marketing and even audio design. Panoptik is a well-versed company that delivers well in a variety of fields.

Arianne H.
Chief Marketing Officer

Through Panoptik's remote services, we have continued access to cost-effective, quick, straightforward ways for outsourcing highly creative tech dev and digital marketing tasks to a competent team of local pros in the Philippines. Their expertise and dedication have truly transformed our business operations, making them a partner for our growth.

Marx M.
Aria Research
Tech Director

Our team highly commends Panoptik's effort and commitment in finishing our projects smoothly. We're very happy with the output and I repeatedly mention how I'd like to work with them again in the future. A big thanks to them for helping us close out our year on a high-note, and I'll be sure to contact Panoptik again for further projects in the future.

Vernier A.

When the pandemic struck, Panoptik stepped in like a lifeline, providing a skilled team that felt like an extension of our own. They were critical for our survival and set us on a new path towards growth. I highly recommend Panoptik for their commitment to understanding our unique needs and delivering exceptional results.

Dex M.
Thirty One Digital

Levitate VR is grateful for the professional relationship that we have established with Panoptik, especially during the development of our prototype. Their ability to deploy creative talent was excellent. We were delighted with how that turned out. The collaboration has undoubtedly elevated the quality of our mobile app project!

Joel H.
Levitate VR

Working with  Panoptik has been a great experience so far! Our expectation is being met.  Highly recommended!

Mariane S.
E-Commerce Manager

Panoptik has provided us great service in finding the right candidates for the roles I have needed to fill in our organization. Their in-depth industry knowledge and personalized approach truly set them apart in the recruitment landscape. They helped us with our requirements and go above and beyond to rectify any HR issues. I recommend Panoptik for your recruitment needs.

Carina I.

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