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Elevating Retail Experience with Augmented Reality: The Matimco Scene Visualizer by Panoptik Global


Matimco, a leader in crafting premium doors, flooring, and outdoor elements, recognized the need to adapt to the digital era's evolving landscape. In pursuit of transforming customer interactions with their products, Matimco partnered with Panoptik Global to integrate an augmented reality (AR) experience, thereby elevating their customer engagement strategy.

The Challenge:

Immersive Product Previews

Matimco sought to provide customers with immersive previews of their doors, flooring, and outdoor elements, enabling them to visualize products in their own living spaces realistically.

Elevated Customer Engagement

The objective was to enhance customer interaction with Matimco's product range, instilling confidence in purchase decisions by offering a more engaging and informed shopping experience.

Pioneering Industry Advancement

Matimco wanted to reinforce its industry leadership by embracing cutting-edge technology, thereby setting new standards for customer engagement and innovation in the market.

Panoptik Global's Solution:

In response to these challenges, Panoptik Global mobilized a versatile team of experts, including augmented reality specialists, creative designers, and skilled developers. Their collaborative effort culminated in the creation of the Matimco Scene Visualizer, an augmented reality platform meticulously tailored to meet Matimco's unique requirements.

The Matimco Scene Visualizer redefines the shopping journey by allowing customers to witness the harmonious blend of Matimco's products with their home environment. This platform comprises three key components:

AR Door Preview

This feature empowers customers to virtually position and explore a diverse array of Matimco door designs within their very own living spaces, providing an interactive and deeply immersive experience. 

AR Flooring Visualizer

This tool enables customers to visualize and experiment with a wide array of flooring materials as if they were already installed in their rooms. This feature allows customers to envision the full potential of Matimco's flooring products in their unique living spaces.

AR Outdoor Visualizer

Customers can seamlessly project Matimco's diverse outdoor product range into their own exterior environments, empowering them to make informed and personalized purchases while enjoying an interactive and engaging buying process. 


The implementation of the Matimco Scene Visualizer by Panoptik Global has yielded transformative results:

Boosted Customer Engagement

The augmented reality solution significantly increased customer engagement and interaction with Matimco's products, creating a more immersive buying experience.

Reinforced Industry Leadership

The partnership reinforced Matimco's position as an industry leader by demonstrating a commitment to customer-centric innovation and adopting cutting-edge technology.

Measurable Uptick in Sales

The successful integration of augmented reality technology led to a measurable increase in customer queries, showroom visits, and overall sales, demonstrating the tangible benefits of this innovative approach.


The Matimco-Panoptik Global partnership exemplifies the impact of Augmented Reality in revolutionizing retail. The Matimco Scene Visualizer has not only transformed customer engagement but also cemented Matimco's position as a pioneer in the industry. This initiative marks a new era in retail, where AR technology enhances customer confidence and decision-making, setting a new benchmark for innovation in the digital retail landscape.

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