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Panoptik Global and Levitate: Collaborative Triumph in the Metaverse with the 2022 Top-Ranked Meditation App on Oculus App Lab


In the swiftly shifting metaverse landscape, Panoptik Global has etched an exceptional niche with Levitate—a revolutionary Virtual Reality (VR) meditation application. Solely accessible through the Oculus/Meta platform, Levitate stands as an unparalleled sanctuary for mental serenity, consistently ranked among the top applications. Levitate is not just raising the bar; it is setting a new standard for immersive well-being experiences.

The Challenge

In a saturated market teeming with VR experiences, Levitate faced several formidable challenges:

Visual Attraction 

This challenge revolved around the need to construct a virtual environment that not only caught the eye but held it in a tight grip. With countless VR experiences vying for users' attention, Levitate faced the task of crafting a visual landscape that was not only aesthetically captivating but also possessed the power to draw users into a realm of tranquility. 

Thematic Interactivity 

To provide an authentic meditative experience, Levitate confronted the challenge of ensuring that all interactive elements seamlessly resonated with the overarching theme of meditation. It was essential to strike a delicate balance between user engagement and thematic integrity. 

Auditory Harmony

Within the domain of virtual reality, constructing an auditory environment that not only provides comfort to the senses but also seamlessly blends with the visual components is crucial. The challenge was to design a soundscape that perfectly complemented the visuals, creating a multisensory experience that heightened the user's feeling of being immersed in a serene, meditative world. 

Panoptik Global's Solution

To confront these challenges head-on, Panoptik Global embarked on a strategic partnership with Levitate VR. Their collective efforts yielded a multifaceted approach:

Unity Engine Development

Leveraging the robust capabilities of the Unity Engine, the team meticulously designed a virtual realm brimming with interactive elements. Floating objects, mesmerizing light effects, and serene natural landscapes were woven together to create a visually captivating and immersive environment.

Meditation Guidance

Panoptik Global's team of mindfulness experts played a pivotal role in crafting meditation narratives and guidance. This ensured that users were not only visually captivated but also guided through authentically relaxing and rejuvenating sessions.

Sound Design & Engineering

Recognizing the integral role of sound in enhancing the VR experience, the team curated a soundscape that not only calmed the senses but also harmoniously integrated with the visual elements, amplifying the overall sense of immersion.


The culmination of this collaboration, Levitate, is a VR meditation application that has taken the Oculus/Meta platform by storm. It is a testament to the successful marriage of technology and well-being. The app's remarkable achievement lies in securing the prestigious title of the #1 meditation application on Oculus App Lab in 2022. It stands as a unique sanctuary that effortlessly fuses cutting-edge technology with age-old meditative practices, delivering an unparalleled experience of tranquility.


The partnership between Panoptik Global and Levitate not only exemplifies the potential for transformation when technology and well-being converge but also sets a new industry benchmark. Levitate's meteoric rise to prominence within the VR landscape illustrates how the metaverse can play a pivotal role in enhancing genuine human well-being. It stands as an embodiment of how technology can serve as a vehicle for tranquility and mindfulness in a world that often seems to move at breakneck speed.

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